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Northampton County, PA Real Estate, Community and Township Information

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, previous Northampton County home sale information is very important!

As your Northampton County REALTOR, I have compiled home sale statistics for each municipality in Northampton County. This information is an excellent tool to assist you in the start of your home search or market analysis.

If you have any questions, remember your Northampton County real estate agent is only a phone call away!

Northampton County at a Glance

Northampton County (population 247,000) was created on March 11, 1752 from parts of Bucks County and named for Norhamptonshire, England, where Thomas Penn's Father-in-law, the Earl of Pomfret, lived. Easton, the county seat, was named for the Earl's estate. 

Northampton County Municipalities

Northampton County Map Northampton County Real Estate Map

Allen - Bangor - Bath - Bethlehem - Bethlehem Township - Bushkill - Chapman - East Allen - Easton - College Hill - Forks Township - Freemansburg - Glendon - Hanover - Hellertown - Lehigh Township - Lower Mt. Bethel - Lower Nazareth - Lower Saucon - Moore - Nazareth - North Catasauqua - Northampton - Palmer Township - Pen Argyl - Plainfield - Portland - Roseto - Stockertown - Tatamy - Upper Mt. Bethel - Upper Nazareth - Walnutport - Washington - Williams - Wilson - Wind Gap


Northampton County Tax Millage Rates

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Northampton County Residential Real Estate Sales


Allen Township
Zip Codes: 18067
Allen Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Allen Community Information
Allen Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18014
Bath Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Bath Community Information
Bath Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18013
Bangor Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Bangor Community Information
Bangor Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18015, 18017, 18018
Bethlehem Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Bethlehem Community Information
Bethlehem Real Estate Market Conditions

Bethlehem Township
Zip Codes: 18017, 18020, 18045
Bethlehem Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Bethlehem Township Community Information
Bethlehem Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Bushkill Township
Zip Codes: 18064, 18065, 18091
Bushkill Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Bushkill Community Information
Bushkill Real Estate Market Conditions

College Hill
Zip Codes: 18042
College Hill Real Estate, Homes for Sale, College Hill Community Information
College Hill Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18042
Easton Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Easton Community Information
Easton Real Estate Market Conditions

Forks Township
Zip Codes: 18040
Forks Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Forks Township Community Information
Forks Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18017
Freemansburg Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Freemansburg Community Information
Freemansburg Real Estate Market Conditions

Hanover Township
Zip Codes: 18109, 18017
Hanover Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Hanover Community Information
Hanover Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18055
Hellertown Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Hellertown Community Information
Hellertown Real Estate Market Conditions

Lehigh Township
Zip Codes: 18035, 18038, 18067, 18086, 18088
Lehigh Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Lehigh Township Community Information
Lehigh Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Lower Mt. Bethel Township
Zip Codes: 18013, 18040, 18063
Lower Mt Bethel Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Lower Mt Bethel Community Information
Lower Mt Bethlel Real Estate Market Conditions

Lower Saucon Township
Zip Codes: 18015, 18055
Lower Saucon Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Lower Saucon Community Information
Lower Saucon Real Estate Market Conditions

Moore Township
Zip Codes: 18014, 18038, 18064, 18067
Moore Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Moore Community Information
Moore Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18020, 18045, 18064
Nazareth Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Nazareth Community Information
Nazareth Real Estate Market Conditions

North Catasauqua
Zip Codes: 18032
North Catasauqua Real Estate, Homes for Sale, North Catasauqua Community Information
North Catasauqua Real Estate Market Conditions

Northampton Township
Zip Codes: 18067
Northampton Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Northampton Community Information
Northampton Real Estate Market Conditions

Palmer Township
Zip Codes: 18045
Palmer Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Palmer Township Community Information
Palmer Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Pen Argyl
Zip Codes: 18072
Pen Argyl Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Pen Argyl Community Information
Pen Argyl Market Conditions

Plainfield Township
Zip Codes: 18064, 18072, 18091
Plainfield Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Plainfield Township Community Information
Plainfield Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18343, 18351
Portland Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Portland Community Information
Portland Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18013
Roseto Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Roseto Community Information
Roseto Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18040, 18083
Stockertown Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Stockertown Community Information
Stockertown Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18045, 18085
Tatamy Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Tatamy Community Information
Tatamy Real Estate Market Conditions

Upper Mt. Bethel
Zip Codes: 18013, 18343
Upper Mt Bethel Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Upper Mt Bethel Community Information
Upper Mt Bethel Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18088
Walnutport Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Walnutport Community Information
Walnutport Real Estate Market Conditions

Washington Township
Zip Codes: 18013
Washington Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Washington Community Information
Washington Market Conditions

Williams Township
Zip Codes: 18042, 18052, 18055, 18077
Williams Township Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Williams Township Community Information
Williams Township Real Estate Market Conditions

Zip Codes: 18042
Wilson Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Wilson Community Information
Wilson Real Estate Market Conditions

Wind Gap
Zip Codes: 18091
Wind Gap Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Wind Gap Community Information
Wind Gap Real Estate Market Conditions

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